Welcome to our Team

Our dedicated team of highly experienced staff are always ready to take your call all day, every day. All our staff at ITDN are multi skilled in both the call centre and administration tasks. Meaning we always have more than enough staff ready to answer your call and deal with your breakdown or query. In fact, in 2017, all calls on average were answered in 11 seconds or less.

The call centre is fully equipped with the most up to date phone systems, wall monitors and has backup systems in place such as an emergency generator and uninterruptible power supplies. We can guarantee to always be at the end of the line even in the event of any unplanned interruptions.


The building, purpose built, now incorporates both the Administation and Call Centre operations under one roof. In 2009 our online system "Interactive" went live. Enabling members to view live breakdown data as well as having easier access to documents such as copy invoices. In 2015 ITDN developed its new retail network "No Pressure - Tyre Rescue". Targeting owner drivers and small companies that need a quick emergency tyre solution who can pay via debit/credit card. Thereby increasing the volume of work offered to the membership.

Our Team

Below are the experienced individuals that make up the ITDN team.

Sue - Joined in 1990

Lin - Joined in 1995

Pete - Joined in 1999

Vicky - Joined in 1999

Jay - Joined in 2003

Wendy - Joined in 2004

Sarah - Joined in 2005

Alister - Joined in 2006

Jack - Joined in 2007

Carol - Joined in 2007

Becky - Joined in 2007

Liz - Joined in 2007

Sharon - Joined in 2007

Jamie - Joined in 2008

Sam - Joined in 2008

Toby - Joined in 2008

Barry - Joined in 2008

Wendy - Joined in 2010

James - Joined in 2010

Derek - Joined in 2011

Daniel - Joined in 2011

Sheba - Joined in 2012

Sion - Joined in 2014

Dawn - Joined in 2014

Tara - Joined in 2015

Steve - Joined in 2015

Alan - Joined in 2015

Andrew - Joined in 2015

Kerry - Joined in 2016

Bal - Joined in 2016

Sarah - Joined in 2016

Chris - Joined in 2017

Debbie - Joined in 2017